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Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Centers (OAIC)

The goal of the OAIC program is to increase scientific knowledge that allows older adults to maintain or restore their independence. The NIA supports the OAICs to develop and enhance research and education at institutions with strong programs in aging research. This support is critical to address key research problems, technological limitations, and faculty development needs for future generations of appropriately-trained researchers. The OAICs are also known as "Pepper Centers" - so named to honor the late Senator Claude D. Pepper who championed the effort to create these centers of excellence. - Kevin P. High, MD, MS, Director

 Research Spotlight

Quantification of biological  aging in young adults

Daniel W. Belskya,b,1, Avshalom Caspic,d,e,f, Renate Houtsc , Harvey J. Cohena , David L. Corcorane , Andrea Danesef,g, HonaLee Harringtonc , Salomon Israelh , Morgan E. Levinei , Jonathan D. Schaeferc , Karen Sugdenc , Ben Williamsc , Anatoli I. Yashinb , Richie Poultonj , and Terrie E. Moffittc,d,e,f

Science Translational MedicineA research team led by Duke Pepper Center Scholar Dan Belsky, and Avshalom Caspi, and Terrie Moffitt at Duke University reports that the process of aging is already highly variable among people still in their 20's and 30's. Young people who are aging rapidly are already showing signs of physical and cognitive decline in their 30's.